Toilets in the Wild – Dear Kid Porcelain:

SAD "Thank you for sending us details of your proposed record attempt: Most photographed discarded toilets. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application with members of our research team, we cannot accept your proposal for a Guinness World Records title. While we certainly do not underestimate your efforts, it's a little too specialized for a body of reference as general as Guinness World Records. Your record application has not been accepted and Guinness World Records does not endorse this activity in any way. Many thanks." Guinness Mgmt. Team

TRUE "Happy World Toilet Day! As you know, of the world's seven billion people, 2.4 billion people do not use a basic toilet. Almost one billion still defecate in the open. Without good sanitation, women and children are particularly at risk of disease and malnutrition. Today is the day to raise awareness and speak up to help end this global sanitation crisis. We welcome your video as part of our Official efforts – allowing us to present a global picture of all activities." Again, thank you." Anna Norén | Social Media Communications Specialist | United Nations-Water

#537: Behind the scenes