The adventures of

KID Porcelain

Toilet Whisperer

Chapter Two

"The Frog Becomes a Prince"

And then - almost overnight - the whole world changed.

Might be good to take things in a fresh direction.

KID is excited to meet interesting new people.

John decides to spend more time enjoying nature.

He basks in the uniqueness of his surroundings.

He contemplates contemplating religion.

KID takes up painting to take his mind off things.

Ultimately, KID realizes nothing can replace those "in the wild" discovery moments.

Step on the gas
Walk the plank
Man down
Gender neutral
Musical chairs
On the fence

John decides to consult with family and friends.


They all agree - You can't take the porcelain out of the KID.

One morning a short time later, john wakes up strong - Kid was back!

He was tentative at first, but instinct quickly took over.

Grateful to have rediscovered his passion, KID dedicates himself to the cause.

Fact: Of the world’s seven billion inhabitants, 2.4 billion people do not use a basic toilet and almost 1 billion still defecate in the open. Without proper sanitation, the risk of disease and malnutrition is constant.

The hard work pays off.


Happy World Toilet Day!


As you know, each November is when we raise awareness for the global sanitation crisis.

We welcome your “Perfect Life” video as part of our official activities and have added it to our World map as part of the global efforts.

I can't believe it!

Sincerest thanks,
Anna Nylander Norén
Communications Specialist
United Nations-Water

Kid was proud and pleased - john followed his heart and things worked out.

Go KID Porcelain

Go KID Porcelain


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Chapter Two

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