The adventures of

KID Porcelain

Toilet Whisperer

Chapter Three

"Livin' the Dream"

KID Porcelain takes his talents to Hollywood.

John lands in LA with great enthusiasm and immediately makes his way around town for a series of meetings and collaborative discussions.

Kickin' ass & takin' names

he also witnesses the dark side first hand.

It's not called the Boulevard of Broken Dreams for nothin'

I got this.

John immerses himself in the industry by taking classes, studying classic works and developing a love for what makes Hollywood so Hollywood.

KID will become an offer they can't refuse.

His hard work is recognized and opportunity knocks.

KID delivers.

John's unique style catches the eye of some industry heavies.

They love his story and decide to do a thing together.

It's an instant classic.

Life takes a fortuitous turn.

It was potty all the time -

Until it wasn't.

The wake up call causes john to reconnect with KID'S original impetus.

KID realizes there's more to life than models and bottles.

John takes comfort in the comradery he feels with "Fountain" artist Marcel Duchamp.

Time for reflection

He chuckles to himself as he finally realizes what he really kinda felt all along.

Seeing art every day is about seeing art in the everyday.

KID becomes the man.

Go KID Porcelain

Go KID Porcelain


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Chapter Three

"Livin' the Dream"