The adventures of

KID Porcelain

Toilet Whisperer


"The inner KID"

Looking back, you could tell there was something about the gallery moment that really spoke to JOHN.

Lowbrow meets Highbrow

Is that art?

How is that art?

Who says that's art?

What is art?

Unlike the gallery environment, most of John's experiences centered on subjects in the wild.

that said, some were definitely reminiscent of classic works.

Mo Monet Mo Problems

Others have evoked the great mysteries of history.


But john always liked to focus on the faces.

A warrior's mentality

From the start, he had an unexplainable sixth sense that allowed him to lift the lid off their personalities.


For John, they represented real people and actual slices of life.

Open casket

Bowl in one

Game of Thrones

Maybe that's why with each photo, he's always tried to capture what's unique and relatable about each toilet in the wild moment.

Marie Antoilette.

#1 team

Future's so bright crowd

As his thrill for the hunt grew, John had a desire to take things next level. To get there, he knew he needed THE ENDORSEMENT AND ACCREDITATION OF a PUBLICATION WORTHY OF THE COLLECTIVE SPIRIT OF HIS ENDEAVOR.

He applied to Guinness World Records with the kind of detailed statistics and passionate essay that would have gotten him into any Ivy League college.

Is the mail here yet?

John was always creative in his pursuit, but until that day, he never considered it 'art.'

Then a friend told him a story.

It seems John’s experience was the replication of an influential & controversial 1917 art instaillation called “Fountain.” It was a moment that helped ignite the Dada movement.

Who's your Dada?

“Fountain” defied the preconceived notions of art, elegance and class that existed up to that point in History.

Artist Marcel Duchamp 'created' "Fountain"

After initially rejecting the piece, the Society of Independent Artists selection committee ultimately decided that whether the artist who made “fountain” used his own hands or not had no importance. “He CHOSE it.” He took an ordinary article of life, placed it so that its useful significance disappeared under the new title and point of view. This created a new thought for that object.

Art is what you say it is.

As John dove more into that moment in art history, he was tickled to learn that the Artist Marcel Duchamps submitted “fountain” under the pseudonym ‘R. Mutt.’ The origin and story of the name is still a topic of discussion to THIS DAY.

John decided that he also needed an alter ego - Something that combined his on the street, lunch-bucket approach with the aspirational feeliing he gleaned from the gallery.


KID Porcelain

Toilet Whisperer

The Crapped Crusader


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